God's Work Is All Around Us

By: Clifton Garland

Many years ago, I planted four dogwood trees in our front yard. Years passed and four skinny saplings became healthy trees. More years passed and I noticed that under one tree only a finger-sized branch would break off and fall to the ground. More years and I noticed that these small branches always snapped off cleanly with no splinters such as might be expected from wind damage. Still more years passed and I chanced to read an article explaining the mystery. A small insect lays her eggs in the green bark of a proper sized branch but there is one drawback. When the eggs hatch, the larva cannot digest green wood. The wood must be dead. Being the good little mother, she solves that problem very easily. She backs up toward the tree and gnaws off the bark and top layer of wood in a neat ring around the branch. From that point outward, the branch dies, and since little mama has calculated the weight just so, it eventually snaps off in a clean break and falls to the ground, and when the eggs hatch, the babies are completely surrounded by food. The evolutionists would have us believe a mindless insect developed this effective survival  technique over a period of millions or billions of years by randomly trying millions of different methods. I find it easier and much more logical to believe God programmed the DNA in this insect so as  to fill a tiny niche in HIS creation.

I do not believe it was random chance that led me to notice the fallen branches, and I do not believe random chance led me to read that explanatory article. Instead, I believe that God was using this manner of presenting a bit more evidence of HIS existence.