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I was with a company out of Nashville and I had to order the unit over the phone, pay the company, then take my car to the shop and they would switch it out. I would have to also pay the shop for switching the device. When they put the new unit in it locked out because the company didn't program it right so my car was locked out. This happened three times in the same week. This doesn't happen at Recover Appalachia. The techs are great and the office staff is so friendly. I talk to the same person every month and they are always available. If I can't make my appt they have come in on the weekend just for me. I was even able to do my DUI School here. I highly recommend Recover Appalachia.  Johnson City, TN 

Lowest Rates, Friendliest Service, No Hidden Fees, No Mail in Calibrations causing programming problems that leave you locked-out and stranded. Weekend Availability. 

No extra monthly fees to technicians - you will never deal with multiple people or businesses. 

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What Is An Ignition Interlock Device

An Ignition Interlock is an alcohol detetion device that is installed on a motor vehicle and analyzes breath samples of the driver. The device prevents an alcohol-impaired person from starting the vehicle and requires random retests be submitted during operation of the vehicle.

A person may be required by the judge or by the Department of Safety & Homeland Security to equip their vehicle with an Interlock device.

I had an Interlock with another company. The service was terrible. It was hard to get to the monthly monitoring appointments because of my work schedule and there wasn't anyone at their shop most of the time. The staff didn't care and they were very rude. I changed to Recover Appalachia. The device s so much better and the staff and service is the best. They work with my work schedule and I rarely have to take off work. I can't say enough good things about Recover Appalachia. Kingsport, TN 

I live in NC but got my DUI in Tennessee. NC put a restriction on my license until I met Tennessee requirements. Recover Appalachia helped with clear everything up in both States. They called NC, faxed paperwork and walked me through the entire process. Recover Appalachia really goes above and beyond what they have to do.  Madison County, NC

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Recover Appalachia is a Tennessee Certified Ignition Interlock Installer: