"These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world" (John 16:33 KJV).

Group & Home Study Courses

Our courses are offered in groups, as home study (with or without face-to-face or web cam sessions), and individually with a therapist.

  • Adult Life Skills
  • Adult Substance Abuse
  • Anger Management
  • Bad Check
  • Cognitive Awareness
  • Contentious Relationships
  • DUI School
  • Employment
  • Parenting
  • Offender Responsibility
  • Youth Anger Avoidance
  • Youth Life Skills
  • Youth Self Awareness
  • Youth Substance Abuse

Prevention Works

Unfortunately, we live in a time when we need to talk to our kids at a very early age about drugs and their effects. Give them the opportunity to participate in family discussions. Parents, find out what your children already know about drugs. Establish a family drug and alcohol policy with them that includes the following aspects:

  • Drug and Alcohol education
  • Expectations of the entire family
    Don't adopt the old say " Do as I say and not as I do". If you do drugs chances are your children will too.
  • Specific restrictions if the policy is not followed 
    Cell phone, computer, allowance, dating, movies, friends, video games, and driving privileges are examples of privileges that can be taken away. If your child is doing drugs, he or she should not be allowed to drive on school property.
  • Drug Testing if the policy is not followed 
    Drug testing can be a way for parents take control before the use of drugs leads to an addiction, accident, jail term or death. If children know their parents will drug test them, it gives them an excuse to say no, and it will take some peer pressure off of them to try drugs. They can simply say,  "No, I can't. My parents drug test me." Recover Appalachia offers confidential drug testing to any parent who suspects that his or her child is under the influence of a substance. You may call ahead for private access after hours or on weekends. No need to worry about results being documented in a permanent medical record!

Finding the right recovery program can be challenging.

The individual and his or her family has been through enough suffering from substance use. Admitting that there is a problem and then getting help is a difficult process. Some people don't know where to begin. We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere of acceptance and encouragement. We observe the principles of confidentiality that create a safe and comfortable environment for discussing difficult issues and painful life hurts. We realize that  people are hurting everywhere, in all walks of life. Our commitment is to offer treatment, counseling, friendship, acceptance, prayer and the tools to overcome life controlling problems. Our prayer is that the individual will learn new life skills from our programs and, most importantly, will have a  better understanding that having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, knowing His love and forgiveness, is essential for making better decisions in life.