'This program gave me the structure I needed'. Although I was initially very unhappy with being put in this program, I quickly lost the attitude. The assisting counselor was very welcoming, and she related to me personally very well. I expected detached, impersonal evaluations, but Ricki was genuinely interested in guiding me through my journey with avoiding recreational marijuana and reckless behavior. She and Rossanna conducted themselves very professionally. I was intimidated by Rossanna at first, but quickly came to appreciate her straight-to-the point methods. I felt very comfortable there as an environment was created to encourage honestly rather than a " tell us what we want to hear" vibe. The workbook, however, does give me that feeling. Most all of the questions were leading, repetitious, and some of them were slightly offensive. Despite my disappointment with the content, the diligence required for completion got me back into the sing of structured scheduled life making me truly want to stick with the program and not go back to marijuana. And to be completely honest, the random drug testing kept me away from it more than anything. It was interesting to see the other kids involved with RA. Although many of them seemed to take probation much more lightly than I did, it was nice to see others who have similar goals of quitting illegal, dangerous, or negative behavior. Overall, the biggest benefit I feel I got from RA is the understanding that even through choices feel "personal" they affect everyone and everything around me and in the end, drugs just aren't worth it. They cause trouble, waste time, waste money, and fog your motivation. Thanks to everyone involved in RA and this may sound stupid and cheesy, but thank you to the courts. The probation itself is stressful, and I'd obviously rather not be on it., but this program in particular gave me the structure I needed to pull through this long and busy semester, and it gave me the motivation to stay on a good path.      MG, Johnson City, TN  (Youth Program)

The class helped me a lot to understand things. My instructor was awesome and such a great, understanding, professional person. I love her so much and she helped me a lot! I learned a lot in the class about life and how it goes, and also what to do to keep it good. The class was a great experience.     (17 yo)  Flag Pond, TN

I learned that if you make good choices and do good you will have a happy and successful life. I got in a fight and that was a bad decision that came with bad consequences that I accept. I will in the future try to make good decisions like go to college and be a marine biologist. This workbook has gave me a lot of self-confidence.  (16 yo)  Flag Pond, TN

Recover Appalachia has taught me many different things. It has taught me how to be successful and do things the right way. They taught me to treat people the same as I would want to be treated.  They taught me how to see things differently and to defuse situations and how to solve them. They taught me how other people thinkand to just tell the truth. Why lie, you know? They taught me that there are consequences to doing drugs and also why people do drugs. They taught me a lot about life-stress, self-control and unfulfilled emotional needs. I said earlier they taught me how other people think so they taught me how to choose better friends and the benefits of choosing new friends. This class has helped me out in a lot of different ways. (15 yo)- Erwin, TN

When I first started at Recover Appalachia I could start to see a change almost from the start. I had a support group and that's something I had never had before and that alone made a big difference. When I went to my first group I was a little nervous because I didn't like being around big crowds and speaking out. It gave me anxiety but I started looking up after I got comfortable with the people. They took me in with open arms, didn't judge me and that made me feel comfortable being around them. I started taking the life skills class and it really helped me. I enjoyed it and I finished it. The teacher was great and a friend. My life had really taken off and changes were happening for me where before I would always fail. I think it was where i didn't have a good support group. Now I am closer to my family where before I didn't have a good relationship with them. Getting in this program was the best thing that could have happend to me. I am doing much better and opportunities are coming my way. Now I am in the process of getting full custody of my little boy. I am finding work but I working toward finding a full time job. Me and my fiancee is taking the parenting classes at Recover Appalachia and we are about two classes away from getting our certificates. Rossanna has been very good to me. She has helped me so much. I am thankful God brought us together or none of this would have happened. She is a great teacher and friend and what they are doing at Recover Appalachia is a great thing. I think many people will benefit from this program if they will just give it a try. They will see the difference with time. There isn't anyone they won't help in anyway they can. They will go out of their way to help someone and if I can do it anybody can. Just give it a shoot and you will be suprised.   RSS- Flag Pond, TN

First Off! Thank you. I'll never lose Faith or Sight of any and all goals I have set for myself to achieve from this day forward in my life. Once again thank you . What you did means more to me than you will ever know. Chris

I love you and thanks for being here for me! Also, thank you for helping through the classes and my life. Keep this forever. ( 13 yo) Elizabethton, TN